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Sayan Chaga

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Last Updated: 4/13/2010 2:20 PM

The Wild Raspberry variety of Chaga is a reformulated version of their “Raspberry” flavor that was in the initial lineup. Like some of the other flavors, this product is made with chaga, meadowsweet, and sweet clover, which gives the product its slightly earthy flavor. The reformulation is a definite improvement, as it ultimately drinks like raspberry flavored black tea. It’s sweetened with cane sugar, which gives it a mellow and clean sweetness. So in that sense, we’re pretty sure that consumers will like what they find inside this bottle. That’s assuming they are lured in by what they see on the outside, which, compared to the original proprietary bottle and vertical lettering, is much improved. They’ve added appealing images of fruit on the front panel of the bottle, which should help with the drink’s appeal. Also prominently placed are the words “no caffeine” (a nice differentiator over tea) and “super antioxidant”. Both of these help distinguish the product from tea, but neither helps describe what this product actually is or at least what it tastes like. Overall, it’s an improved product, but it’s not quite there yet.


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Tea: Herbal and Alternative


16 oz

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