SENCE Rare European Rose Nectar

by Nevada Rose, LLC

Manufacturer's Brand Overview

High in Vitamin C, SENCE can be served chilled as a refreshing alternative to juice or soft drinks, or it can be mixed with them. SENCE also serves as a unique and flavorful cocktail ingredient combining beautifully with champagne, vodka, rum, gin, sake and many cordials.

- Uncarbonated, no caffeine, no cholesterol, fat free, shelf stable, refrigerate and enjoy after opening.
- Pure cane preservative sugar and natural color

SENCE comes in two varieties: Traditional and Silver (33% reduced sugar)- both organically produced and all natural.

The Kazanlak Rose (Rosa Gallica Damascena), from which SENCE is made, is known throughout the world as the finest of roses, grown organically with meticulous care and attention to detail. This rose, originally from Syria, was prized in the ancient world and supplied to the Thracian, Greek, Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman (Turkish) Empires for medicinal, romantic, honorific and decorative uses.