Sin Vitality Drink

by Next Generation Beverage

The Flow: Vita Coco Finds Supply; V8 Adds Green Tea SKUs


  • Vita Coco Announces New Strategic Production Partner in Asia: Fresh Fruit Ingredients Inc. Link
  • Reuters is reporting that Campbell’s will be adding Green Tea varieties to its V8 V-Fusion line. Link


  • King Kullen has authorized SERENITY relaxation beverage. SERENITY is now authorized in more than 1,000 stores in the New York area. Link


  • ‘Reed’s Rx’ Now Available Over-the-Counter in

Serenity & The Canada Dry Bottling Company of New York Team Up to Bring a Sense of Zen to Bustling New Yorkers

HOBOKEN, N.J., March 9 /PRNewswire/ — Next Generation Beverage LLC, the maker of Serenity Zen Beverage™ and a leader in the relaxation beverage category, has entered into a distribution agreement with one of the largest soft drink distribution groups in the United States- The Canada Dry Bottling Company of New York. This partnership will give Serenity™ a potential distribution in over 25,000 points in the …

Next Generation launches Sin and Serenity drinks

NEW YORK, Jan. 26 /PRNewswire/ — Stirring up the beverage industry with groundbreaking products and marketing, Next Generation Beverage, LLC is the brainchild of a team of businessmen – Rich Wilson, Ross Pantano, Thomas Toscano, Luis Fernandez, and Nat Salvemini, Ph.D. – each eager to revolutionize the soft drink industry.

Next Generation Beverage, LLC has developed energy and relaxation beverages that are original and uniquely …