Skinnygirl Sparklers

by AriZona Beverage Co.

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Water: Sparkling


17oz Plastic

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Review: Tangerine Mango

Posted: Dec 18, 2013 at 12:00 AM (Last Updated: May 13, 2014 at 10:39 AM)
Made with 5 percent juice including orange juice, mango puree and lemon juice, the Tangerine Mango flavor of Skinnygirl Sparklers has a very natural and accurate fruit flavor to start things off. From there, this moderately carbonated product is sweetened with a blend of honey, sugar, Ace-K, and sucralose, which gives it a natural level of sweetness and keeps the aftertaste in check. On the flip side, this product has 10 calories per 17 oz. bottle (5 per serving) as opposed to the zero calories that you’ll find in many similarly positioned products. While that’s obviously a negligible difference from a calorie intake perspective, “zero” is certainly a pretty powerful marketing term. Still, the company has done a really nice job with the flavor of this product, which is something that we can’t say about some of the other brands that have attempted to compete with Sparkling ICE. Visually, this is a nice product that lives up to the Skinnygirl brand. It’s simple and easy to understand, although the big question is just how well the brand equity will transfer to this category. Overall, Skinnygirl Sparklers Tangerine Mango is, despite not being a zero-calorie product, definitely one of the better entries we’ve seen enter the sparkling flavored water category.