Slingshot Yogurt Protein Drink

by Slingshot Foods

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Dairy: Yogurt Drinks


11 oz

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Review: Peach

(Last Updated: Jul 22, 2014 at 12:26 PM)
Slingshot’s Peach flavor is an innovative and enjoyable approach to drinkable yogurt. For starters, the product, which comes packaged in an 11 oz. plastic bottle, has a packet wrapped around the neck. Inside this packet is a shot of toasted oats, chia seeds and almond bits that the consumer can add to the product at the time of consumption. As for the yogurt drink itself, it’s made with yogurt, added milk protein, agave, peaches, flavorings, water, and vegetable juice for color. Tasting the product without the added shot, it’s definitely a bit on the sweet side, but it’s still a very nice tasting peach yogurt. And the peach flavor is spot on and we found it to be preferable to the strawberry variety. The company has short-filled the bottle, so there’s plenty of room to add the shot. It’s a little cumbersome to open (we spilled a little), but it’s definitely worth it. Adding in these items at the time of consumption keeps them crunchy and makes them feel more substantial than if they were added in at the time of bottling. Plus, the added chew and flavor add a whole new dimension to the experience of the product. It’s pretty addictive. Nutritionally, the product, assuming you add the shot, has 18g of protein, 3g of fiber, about 350 calories, omega 3, omega 6, calcium, vitamins and probiotic cultures. On the packaging and branding front, it definitely looks like a polished product. The name is a good one, both from how it sounds and how it incorporates the shot wrapped around the top. However, one concern that we have is the shot -- it falls off very easily (just knock the bottle over once) and would be pretty easy for someone to remove at retail. In addition, it would be great if the nutrition panels listed the total for the drink and the shot. Currently, you have to add up two columns (the drink and the shot) to figure this out. Overall, this is a really nice product that looks great considering that it’s relatively new to market. And it’s definitely one of the best drinkable yogurt products that we’ve sampled.