Slingshot Yogurt Protein Drink

by Slingshot Foods

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Dairy: Yogurt Drinks


11 oz

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Review: Vanilla Bean

(Last Updated: Jul 22, 2014 at 12:26 PM)
This variety of Slingshot’s drinkable yogurt protein drink is quite enjoyable, but it’s a bit too sweet. The product, which features ingredients such as milk protein, yogurt, honey, vanilla bean, and lemon, has a very fresh and rich flavor. You can really taste the honey and vanilla bean, which is definitely a plus for a product called “Vanilla Bean.” As with the other Slingshot varieties, the product has a “shot” attached to the top. It contains toasted oats, chia seeds, and almond bits, which add crunch and additional nutrients to the product. It’s admittedly a bit cumbersome to have to deal with this (it requires you to remove it, take a piece of tape off, tear it, and pour into the bottle). But from a flavor perspective, it’s worth it, with the the packet adding some crunch and additional depth of flavor. The flavor is truly bordering on perfection -- it just needs to be a bit less sweet. Nutritionally, the product is loaded with protein (17g), fiber, omegas, calcium and vitamins. It’s also something that’s substantial enough to be a low-calorie meal replacement. On the packaging front, we love the look of the 11 oz. bottle that the company has chosen. It’s very straightforward and approachable, while the shot of add-ins adds an extra item to appeal to the senses. However, we still have concerns that it’s very easy for the shot to disappear from the bottle prior to ending up in the consumer’s hands. Regardless, we very much enjoyed this product and feel as though that it only needs a few small tweaks.