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Last Updated: 2/17/2011 11:30 AM

Designed to be an all-natural zero-calorie beverage that delivers both vitamins and electrolytes for hydration, SoBe’s Macintosh Apple Cherry Lifewater is what one might call a curmudgeon of a product. It all starts with the flavor, which, at least for a zero-calorie hydration beverage, is way too sweet. There’s a heavy sweetener flavor (erythritol / stevia) and the fruit flavor is candy like and overpowering (it also tastes nothing like macintosh apples, making this a pointless descriptor). The bottle feels like Times Square, with too many things competing for your attention, including various font sizes, graphic accents, and functional benefits. And functionally, this product doesn’t offer much more than a drop of the marketed nutrients, none of which go beyond 10 percent RDA (and some are as low as 2 percent). All of this leads us to ask what type of consumer would actually consume this product on a regular basis. Our conclusion is that it will take a significantly discounted price point to get any pull out of this product.


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