Southern Teaz

by Southern Teaz

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Tea: Sweetened


64 oz glass

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Review: Sweet Peach Tea

(Last Updated: Oct 02, 2014 at 9:57 AM)
Southern Teaz is a line of USDA Organic ready-to-drink iced teas that incorporate biodynamically farmed tea from India. While the company that makes these products hails from Idaho, this flavor is certainly sweet enough to be called “Southern-style” (we can’t say the same for the unsweetened flavor). However, unlike other bottled Southern-style iced teas, this product has a much bolder and more pronounced brewed black tea flavor. The product is pretty simple in terms of its ingredient list (it contains water, tea, peach puree, and cane sugar) and, as a result, the flavor is very straightforward. Still, for a product that’s singing the praises of biodynamic farming, it’s not something that has a tangible benefit when it comes to the drinking experience. All in all, the product is pleasant tasting, but when it comes to flavor, it is pretty much in the same league as competing organic teas. Packaging is one of the more unique things about this product. It's currently (and only) available in a 64 oz. glass jug. This obviously eliminates immediate consumption from the picture, which is unfortunate given that aspect represents a significant amount of dollar sales for the ready to drink tea category. As a multi-serve product, it definitely stands out, although the branding doesn’t quite feel like something that fits in the organic tea category. And the biodynamic aspect is definitely lost. Instead, the product’s label feels more about being Southern-style -- and presumably value-priced -- tea. Overall, a very drinkable product, but we’d like to see the label improved upon and a single-serve format offered.