by Sprizz-O LLC

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Juice: Sparkling Juice


12 oz Glass

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Review: Grapefruit

(Last Updated: Dec 11, 2014 at 3:23 PM)
The Grapefruit variety of Sprizz-O is formulated similar to the rest of the brand's line-up. It contains 12 percent juice (grapefruit juice from concentrate) sugar, sparkling water, natural flavor, and citric acid. Of the six flavors that we initially sampled, we found this to be the best tasting of the bunch. Grapefruit is a flavor that works well in a less sweet environment, which, at 50 calories and 9g of sugar per 12 oz. bottle, is exactly what this product is. It's refreshing and has an accurate grapefruit flavor, which is about all we could ask for from a product like this. However, we’re still left wondering how this product will stand out. Visually, the company has created something that is non-offensive to the eye. But it doesn’t really jump out at you or feel like a fully developed brand. There are some elements, such as the “Good Stuff” image of the penguin on the back of the bottle, that simply don’t help the product or feel connected to the whole. That said, we really think that the branding could be taken up a notch. In addition, looking like a bottle of soda probably isn’t the best of choices for this type of product. Overall, we enjoyed the flavor, but this product needs to refine how it’s positioned and presented.