Steamm Bottled Espresso

by Steamm Espresso

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Coffee Drinks


2 ounce glass

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Review: Steamm Espresso

Posted: Mar 14, 2016 at 3:31 PM (Last Updated: Mar 15, 2016 at 12:37 PM)
Made with water, coffee, cacao and stevia, Steamm’s Organic Raw Cacao shot is a simple, yet intense tasting, product. In terms of flavor, it starts out with a hefty note of espresso followed by the slightly bitter flavor of raw cacao. Finally, there’s the stevia, which is really the only blemish that this product has. It creates a pronounced bitterness, which, as you finish the beverage, lingers in your mouth. We’re not sure why the company did this aside from keeping the calories in check, but it really doesn’t work. Plus, we think it’s something that's going to alienate target consumers, who are likely rather particular about their coffee and how it is flavored and sweetened. From a packaging and positioning perspective, we like the concept of creating a coffee product that is delivered in shot form. Steamm is certainly not the first to do it (there have been mainstream energy shots with coffee flavor), but it is the first that we’ve seen focus on quality ingredients. That’s something that definitely comes across in the packaging, which features a blue glass bottle and minimalist labeling. Having a callout for “solar brewed and pulled in San Francisco” definitely sets the stage for the quality of the coffee. There’s also a cause component to this product, which is that each bottle sold helps provide a polio immunization to a child in need overseas through the Shot@Life campaign. Our only criticism of the package is the small opening, which requires relatively slow sipping of the liquid. Overall, we really like the look of the packaging, the positioning of the product, and the flavor of the coffee. But the stevia really puts a damper on what’s otherwise a great beverage.