Steaz Organic Iced Teaz

by Healthy Beverage

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Tea: Sweetened


16oz Can

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Review: Iced Green Tea with Coconut Water

Posted: Mar 18, 2013 at 12:00 AM (Last Updated: Apr 05, 2013 at 10:15 AM)
As the name states, Steaz Iced Green Tea with Coconut Water is made with a blend of coconut water and lightly sweetened green tea. It uses a base of 5 percent organic coconut water and it tastes as though additional coconut flavoring was added to help accentuate this flavor. The coconut flavor is definitely at its upper limit and if any more were added, it would probably overpower the rest of the drink. In its current form, the coconut and green flavors work relatively well together, with the subtle grassiness of the green tea pairing nicely with the nuttiness of the coconut water. The addition of a slight amount of sugar (9 g per 8 oz.) gives the palate just enough, while keeping the overall body of the drink very light and refreshing. To that end, we love that this 16 oz. can has only 80 calories -- definitely a timely approach. Visually, we like the simplified and more modern look of Steaz’s latest design update. Definitely a step up for the brand. Overall, coconut water and green tea definitely seems like a winning combination and Steaz has done a great job of executing this product.