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Review: White Cacao

Posted: Jun 08, 2012 at 9:41 AM (Last Updated: Jun 28, 2012 at 12:02 PM)
Suavva’s White Cacao Juice is a 70 percent juice blend of cacao puree, apple juice, and water. The base flavor, which is from the cacao puree, is slightly bitter and viscous. As a result, the product has a pretty heavy mouthfeel, with the apple providing a familiar sweetness. Still, the base cacao seems to take away rather from than add to the experience. Unlike other superfruit and superfoods, this product lacks an exotic aspect to its flavor. And, unfortunately, the nutritional claims (antioxidants and theobromine) aren’t enough to win consumers over. Furthermore, labeling the product as “1 ¼” (the fraction is barely visible on the label) servings per bottle is a bad way of getting the product to be under 100 calories (it’s labeled as 90 per serving -- the whole bottle would be just over 110 calories). As for the rest of the packaging, it needs a lot of work, starting with the visual treatment of the brand name (we’re not in love with the name, but good branding and design work could probably make it work). From there, the product has a generic and amateurish look to it. The bottom line is that this drink, which utilizes an ingredient that will be unfamiliar to consumers, will have an uphill battle making this drink seem appealing. And where it stands today, they have a long way to go.