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Juice: Smoothie, Juice: Cold Pressed or Raw


10.5oz PET

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Review: Blissful Berry

(Last Updated: Jan 19, 2015 at 2:52 PM)
Suavva, which we first reviewed in 2012, has been given a makeover, both in its packaging and formulation. While maintaining its key ingredient, cacao juice, the beverage, which had been a pasteurized 70 percent juice product, now sports a 100 percent juice formulation that is high pressure processed (HPP) and promoted as “cold-squeezed.” This particular variety, Blissful Berry, is made with cacao juice, blueberry puree, raspberry puree, and agave nectar. The flavor of the product is definitely improved over what we recall of the first version. The body of the product is extremely thick, almost to the point of being closer to squeezable fruit than a beverage. The base flavor of the cacao is mellow and slightly bitter, which honestly probably isn’t helped by the use of raspberry. However, the blueberry flavor adds some brightness to the product, which is definitely a welcome addition. There’s some sweetness to the product, but, despite having 44g of sugars per 10.5 oz. serving, it doesn’t taste very sweet. All in all, we like the new direction of the product, but it still feels like it’s missing something in the flavor department. It just needs something else to round things out -- and to help make it memorable. As it stands right now, the flavor feels a bit too muted. On the outside, we like the move to a 10.5 oz. bottle and the company's use of HPP. What we struggle with is the purpose of the drink and how it is communicated to the consumer. From the visuals that it has created, we’d expect something that’s much sweeter and more berry heavy than it is. In addition, the word cacao is likely to conjure up thoughts of chocolate to most consumers. Yet this is not addressed, which is likely to lead to uncertainty -- and perhaps a lost purchase. Figuring out how to address this on the front of the label is one of the key challenges that we see for the product. Overall, a big step forward for Suavva, but there is still room for refinement.