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Suja Elements Cold Brew Tea

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Last Updated: 7/25/2014 10:26 AM

This variety of Suja Cold Brew Tea is a USDA Organic and HPP beverage made with 22 percent juice. The juice content, which comes exclusively from organic peach puree, works quite nicely with the blend of herbal teas, which include honeybush and tulsi, that they’ve used as the base of this product. The tea flavor itself is quite good -- it tastes like a cross between hibiscus and rooibos -- and the addition of honey, which you can really only taste at the drink’s finish, is a plus. All of that being said, this is definitely a very well crafted herbal tea beverage. On the outside, we like how Suja has incorporated “cold brew tea” across the front of the label. This makes it instantly obvious as to how this product is different from Suja’s juice products. Using cold brew and HPP (or cold pressured as Suja calls it) ties it back to the rest of the Suja brand, although the benefits of HPP tea aren’t easy to figure out from reading the bottle. Overall, we like Suja’s expansion into the tea category and this is definitely one of the most enjoyable flavors of the bunch.


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Juice: Cold Pressed or Raw, Tea: Sweetened


12 oz

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