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Last Updated: 2/20/2014 2:43 PM

The Chocolate Charge flavor of Suja Essentials is a protein smoothie that is made with water, coconut meat, milk protein, coconut, palm sugar, almonds, cacao and vanilla. It’s a hybrid of sorts, blending dairy protein with almond milk. The resulting mix is chocolatey and rich, with a hint of milk flavor and a nutty finish. With 20 g of protein, this product is definitely a legitimate protein drink, but its 240 calories and 10 g of fat might scare away consumers who are just picking it up because it’s next to other Suja products. Furthermore, it’s extremely similar to Suja’s “Chocolat” variety that is sold as part of the company’s Elements line (which is sold in other retail channels). Visually, we really dig what the company has done, with a product that’s a nice contrast to their other two lines.The 12 oz. bottle is busy, but visually solid in its execution, while the words that make up the white backdrop give it some personality. Moreover, the eye goes directly to the center of the front panel, which is always the sign of a good label. Overall, a very enjoyable and nicely executed product.


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Juice: Smoothie, Juice: Nut or Seed Milk


12oz Plastic

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