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Last Updated: 2/20/2014 1:46 PM

The Mango Magic flavor of Suja Essentials is a USDA Organic blend of apple juice, mango puree, orange juice, pineapple juice, banana puree and ginger. In terms of taste, this one is definitely geared towards the mainstream, starting with its sweet tropical flavor. You can taste each of the ingredients (although the ginger is very faint) which is always a plus, as is the fact that there are no filler ingredients. The body of the drink is slightly thick, but nothing in comparison to a comparable product from one of the big brands. Nutritionally, the product has 180 calories and 36 g of sugar per 12 oz. bottle, which begs the question: is it too sweet? Visually, the product definitely looks nice. The clear center area is surrounded by a white backdrop that is filled with words. It’s a nice way of making the copy seem more subtle. However, there’s one thing that’s really buried in the copy: explanation of the HPP and “cold pressured” components of the product (it’s there, but you’ll have to search for it). If the product wasn’t priced at $3.99, maybe this would be less important, but as it currently stands it seems like it needs something else to help justify the price point. Overall, we really like the Mango Magic flavor as part of this particular Suja line, but it still feels like it needs just a little bit of refinement.


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