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Review: Ashwagandha Chai

(Last Updated: Jul 29, 2014 at 10:49 AM)
Of the three flavors of Super REBBL that we sampled, this one was certainly the most unique in the sense that it does not have a chocolate flavor. What it does have is an assertive chai flavor that has just a bit too much spice (specifically clove) for our liking. Furthermore, it has clumps of coconut milk that haven’t been fully dissolved into the solution. This is something that the manufacturer is going to have to work out -- it’s hard to imagine any consumer being satisfied with this. In addition, the incorporation of stevia needs some work as you can taste it at the drink’s finish. Functionally, the product is based around the use of ashwagandha, which the marketer describes at length on the back of the bottle (REBBL has also placed “awaken, de-stress, re-energize” on the front of the bottle). While all of this copy is helpful, it’s not practical to expect that consumers will read all of this. That leaves us feeling as though the consumer has to be already educated on this ingredient -- and surely that’s not too large of a target audience. In our opinion, this product, just like the other Super Rebbl flavors, needs to simplify things and put a bit more emphasis on the flavor of the product. As it stands right now, the labeling and copy feels much more appropriate for a dietary supplement than a beverage. And with countless other beverages that are easier to understand, we think that consumers will have a tough time figuring this one out.