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Review: Maca Mocha

(Last Updated: Jul 29, 2014 at 10:49 AM)
The Maca Mocha flavor of Super REBBL is a blend of coconut milk, herbal ingredients (carob, dandelion root, assam tea, and chicory root), cocoa powder, coconut sugar, maca, vanilla, pink Himalayan salt and stevia (along with a few other ingredients). It contains no coffee (as the label points out), which is certainly a confusing way to start things off. The base flavor is definitely a close cousin to the Reishi Chocolate, which, at least on the front end of the flavor, seems like a good thing. However, as you start to drink the product there’s a tart flavor that’s just not that enjoyable. Plus, you can taste the stevia in this variety more so than in the Reishi Chocolate. That being said, it’s hard to imagine choosing this flavor over the Reishi Chocolate. Like the other flavors that make up the Super REBBL line, we feel as though the product’s messaging really gets in the way of selling the product. Specifically, the functional and herbal language is just too much to the point where you’d assume that what’s inside the bottle tastes awful (it needs work, yes, but it’s not terrible). Furthermore, calling it mocha when there’s no coffee just forces the consumer to have to think a bit too much. Clearly the company recognizes that this is a potential issue -- why else would they put “coffee free” on the front of the label? That said, we feel as though REBBL needs to do a better job of the messaging and positioning of this product. As it stands right now, this product doesn’t feel overly approachable.