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Review: Reishi Chocolate

(Last Updated: Jul 29, 2014 at 10:49 AM)
Super REBBL Reishi Chocolate is a USDA Organic blend of coconut milk, coconut sugar, cocoa powder, reishi extract (a mushroom used as an herbal tea), vanilla, sunflower lecithin, pink Himalayan salt and stevia. From a taste perspective, the product is quite good. Coconut milk and cocoa are what hit your palate first, and we love the salty finish. Surprisingly, the blend of sugar and stevia works very well and the product has almost no stevia flavor whatsoever. And compared with a dairy-based chocolate drink, this product is not as rich but way more complex in flavor. The only issue we had with the drink is that some of the coconut milk clumped up (shaking vigorously did not eliminate all of it). Nutritionally, the product has 140 calories, 7g of fat, 4g of protein, and 2g of fiber and it’s high in iron and magnesium. On the functional end, the product is primarily focused on the benefits of reishi, but also that of the good fats in coconut. It’s labeled with a nutrition facts panel, but the product’s label (which includes a statement about the product not being intended to treat, cure or prevent disease) reads more like a supplement. Regardless, REBBL's execution of this product is just too in your face; it's to the point where we think will it impact the viability of this product. There are functional claims (“awaken”, “de-stress”, and “re-energize”) that simply aren’t explained in a way that a consumer standing in front of a drink cooler can quickly comprehend. Plus, words like “bark”, “leaves” and “adaptogens” do not appeal to the senses. Instead, the company should make mention of this being a vegan, non-GMO, and coconut-based product. None of these things are mentioned on the front panel (although USDA Organic does imply non-GMO). Otherwise, we think that the package is visually pleasing. Overall, we like what’s inside the bottle and the look of the outside, but we think that this brand needs to remember that creating an enjoyable and appetizing product will be key to the success of a product of this type.