Sweet'tauk Lemonade

by Sweettauk Lemonade

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Juice: Fruit Juice, Juice: Lemonade


14.5oz Plastic

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Review: Blackberry Ginger (2014)

(Last Updated: Aug 06, 2014 at 2:35 PM)
This flavor of Sweet‘tauk Lemonade is a pretty unique one. It blends a base of lemonade with blackberries and ginger, but not in the standard overly sweet way that other lemonade brands do. Instead, the product has a really subtle blackberry flavor, which also adds a slightly tart note to the mix. The ginger hits you on the tail end, adding a pleasant zing of spice. All of these flavors combined are complex and flavorful, but still quite mild to the point where the product has about 100 calories and 26g of sugar per 14.5 oz. bottle. Using a bottle that’s currently synonymous with HPP juice, the product, which is actually pasteurized, is probably going to be visually confusing to some (particularly to industry folks). The dark-colored liquid is appealing to the senses, but the label needs some work. For starters, it’s very hard to read the logo, which creates somewhat of an identity crisis for the product. Rotating it ninety degrees and perhaps working on the type treatment would be good places to start. As it stands right now, this seems like a product that feels more like a store brand or commodity product than one that is making an impression with its brand. Overall, the liquid is quite enjoyable, but the brand definitely needs work.