by Teany

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Juice: Juice Drink

Nutritional Info

servings per container 2;
calories 35;
sodium 10mg;
total carbohyrates 9g;
sugars 9g;
protein 0g;


filtered water, organic cane sugar, orange and lemon juices from concentrate, natural flavors, hibiscus, vegetable juice for color, citric acid, paprika extract (a natural color), elder flower, beta carotene

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Review: Herbal Citrus Cooler

(Last Updated: Jul 29, 2004 at 5:58 PM)
Herbal Citrus Cooler is a refreshing beverage that features a variety of flavors. It has a light hibiscus brew as its base which is lightly complemented with lemon and orange juices (as well as other natural flavors). The beverage is sweetened with organic cane sugar. The result is a product which has a light tea body and a refreshing citrus finish. The product is satisfying yet easy to drink. Overall, this is an excellent beverage that offers the right blend of flavor and packaging--a unique approach that fits the Moby name.