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9.1 oz Plastic

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Review: Extra Rich Black Tea Latte

(Last Updated: Nov 21, 2014 at 12:17 PM)
Like the Matcha Green Tea variety of Teas' Tea Latte, this product is a blend of tea (black tea), milk, and sugar. The flavor of the product is sweet and rich in body, which is the result of added pectin. As far as tea lattes go, this is definitely a very good one. It all starts with the base of tea, which, like any of Ito En Teas’ Tea products, is bold but smooth. From there, the flavor shifts more to the milk and the sugar (31g per bottle) and this is what lingers at the finish. Really, the only thing that we’re not sold on is the added pectin. It seems a bit unnecessary when it comes to the flavor and “extra rich,” which is how it’s described on the bottle, has a slightly strange ring to it. That being said, we do like where the company is headed with these latte offerings. It definitely seems like a nice bolt-on to the core line. We’re also fans of the 9.1 oz. bottle, which has a unique twisted shape to its body. However, the branding for Teas’ Tea feels like it’s at a point where it needs a design upgrade. It’s fine as a logo that communicates what the product is, but it doesn’t really feel like a strong brand. Overall, a very enjoyable tasting product that, at least at this point, is most likely to appeal to Teas’ Tea’s existing consumer base.