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Tea: Sweetened


9.1 oz Plastic

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Review: Extra Rich Matcha Green Tea Latte

(Last Updated: Nov 21, 2014 at 12:17 PM)
While the notion of calling something “extra rich” is a too matter-of-fact to us, what Ito En has created with this product is quite enjoyable. It starts with a base of matcha and green tea, which the company has sweetened with sugar. From there, skim milk powder and pectin provide the dairy and the “extra rich” flavor. In terms of taste, the product is sweet and milky, with a strong note of matcha flavor. Thanks to the pectin, the product is certainly a bit more rich in body than what it would be without. We’re honestly not convinced that this is even necessary as it makes the product just a tad bit indulgent in its mouthfeel. In any event, we really like the flavor that Ito En has created, but wish that it would make the “Latte” part of the label a bit more prominent. Otherwise, we really like the “twisted” shape of the 9.1 oz. bottle. It gives the product a unique and subtly sophisticated look. The label otherwise looks like part of the Teas’ Tea line, which has a somewhat whimsical look to it that is enhanced by the twists of the bottle. As with many of Ito En's products, the branding is very clean, but the logo feels a bit sterile and easy to miss. Overall, this product delivers solid matcha flavor in a very nice latte form.