Temple Turmeric Super Lights

by Temple Beverages

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High Pressure Processed (HPP)


12 oz

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Review: Lemon Ginger-Ade

Posted: Jul 09, 2015 at 7:59 PM (Last Updated: Jul 13, 2015 at 10:07 AM)
With its initial three flavors, Temple Turmeric’s Super Lights have flavors that are, as the name suggests, quite light. This flavor, Lemon Ginger-Ade, is, with its gold-color liquid and lemon and ginger flavor, the closest in style to the flagship line. The ginger and turmeric spice is the strongest of the three, but it’s still extremely mild to the point of almost tasting like a flavored water. Beyond that, the product has lemon, lime, sea salt, agave and stevia. There’s only a slight bit of sweetness to the product, which is great since you really cannot taste the stevia, and the salty note at the finish is reminiscent of a sports drink. With all of that being said, the product, which has only 40 calories and 10g of sugars per bottle, is basically like a more watery version of one of the brand's flagship flavors. It’s less intense and, therefore, much more gulpable and thirst quenching. Still, for the the purists out there, we see this product as one that probably has fewer use occasions. But for the mainstream, this seems like the right way to dip your toe into the turmeric waters. From a visual and positioning standpoint, it looks like the big brother of the line's other products. The “SUPER LIGHTS” name is easy to miss, which, if this product ever ends up on a shelf next to the other Temple Turmeric products, could lead to some slight confusion. Making this callout bigger would certainly help, but in the meantime the fact that the company has placed “40 calories” on the front of the bottle should help. Furthermore, we really like the fact that Temple is now trying to differentiate its turmeric, with the trademarked “Oana Turmeric,” from what others are using. Overall, this is a very nice starting point for the Super Lights line.