Thirst Wave

by California Beach Naturals

This brand is no longer available

Manufacturer's Brand Overview

Thirst Waves™, will include at least five naturally flavored fruit beverages. Each of the products will contain real fruit juice, natural sweetener, and will be vitamin fortified for added consumer benefit. The product will contain only natural ingredients allowing CBN to include the “all natural” claim on our labeling. The drinks in our initial product line will be packaged in an oversized 25 oz. clear glass container. This packaging offers the consumer a much larger than average fruit beverage (the average is 16-20 oz). As a part of our product strategy, these drinks will be produced without color and the labels, which will present an attractive beach scene, will be a reverse image sticker viewed through the clear drink. We believe this labeling technique will give our product a unique look that will be eye-catching and memorable and will emphasize the “purity” of our product.


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