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Last Updated: 11/16/2009 11:38 AM

Oregon Marionberry is a slightly tart tasting drink that, since most people probably don’t know the flavor of marionberry, is best compared to a mixture of grape and raspberry. It’s sweetened with honey and sugar, which makes for a product that’s sweet but not overwhelming to the point of leaving behind a sugary coating in your mouth. Really though, our issue isn’t with the flavor of the drink (it’s quite good), but with the marketability of the product, which is certainly going to be more limited than a more mainstream fruit (e.g. blueberry). Still, they’ve given the drink some nice presentation and we like the tie to the Pacific Northwest (where the drink is from) by incorporating Oregon into the name. That certainly might help with consumers who feel like drinking something with a local feel. Otherwise, the look of the drink is simple, but polished and high quality, relying heavily on text rather than fruit images. Overall, it’s good, but probably not the first Thomas Kemper flavor that we’d reach for.


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Carbonated Soft Drink: Regular


12 oz bottle

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