Tio Gazpacho

by Tio Gazpacho

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Juice: Cold Pressed or Raw


12 oz

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Review: Gazpacho Classico

(Last Updated: Sep 29, 2014 at 2:38 PM)
Blending tomatoes, green pepper, water, cucumber, red onion, olive oil, garlic, sherry vinegar and Himalayan pink salt, Tio Gazpacho Classico is one of the more uniquely formulated high pressure processed (HPP) products that we’ve seen come to market. Much like other HPP beverages, this one’s biggest strengths are its fresh flavor and simple list of ingredients. It tastes exactly like a fresh tomato gazpacho, and the company has done a very nice job of getting all the flavors right. It starts with the flavor of ripe tomatoes and peppers, followed by notes of garlic, olive oil and vinegar before finally being rounded out with a touch of salt. The only thing that’s different about this particular gazpacho versus what you’d find in a restaurant is its texture, which lacks the chunkiness and is more like a puree. Since this is a beverage that’s designed to be consumed from the bottle rather than a bowl, that seems perfectly fine. Speaking of the bottle, we love what the company has done with the 12 oz. bottle that it uses. It both looks the part of a super-premium product and is very appealing the senses. The spoon image is clever, although it might raise questions of whether or not you should drink it from the bottle, while the Tio’s branding gives it a fresh vibe. All in all, Tio’s Gazpacho Classico is an innovative and enjoyable product that definitely brings a unique approach to the HPP juice category.