TK Hibiscus

by TK Hisbiscus

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Tea: Herbal and Alternative


16oz Glass

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Review: Classic Simple Hibiscus Tea

(Last Updated: Nov 05, 2014 at 9:53 AM)
If pure, unadulterated hibiscus tea is your thing, then Classic Simple Hibiscus Tea should be right up your alley. Made with water, organic hibiscus, and organic agave, this product is about as straightforward and clean of a hibiscus tea as you’re going to find. The company has done a really nice job of making a flavor that’s balanced and only lightly sweetened (5g of sugar per 8 oz.). It really doesn’t feel like it needs anything else -- although TK Hibiscus also makes several flavored offerings -- and this feels well positioned as a premium herbal tea that’s naturally low in calories. It’s always nice to see products that are comfortable going with a lower level of sweetness rather than adding zero-calorie sweeteners to supplement. This product is a great example of a beverage that has managed to develop enjoyable and complex flavor without having to up the sweetness level. On the outside, the product, which uses a stock 16 oz. clear glass bottle with a black cap, definitely looks like something that you’ll find in the tea set. It has a modern minimalist look to it, which is certainly trending nowadays, complete with a design that only uses two colors (dark red and black). We like TK's approach to the treatment of the name as well as the separation between the logo. It’s pretty easy to scan the front of the label and figure it out quickly. However, we do wonder how this product will compete with other tea lines, which generally have variation of color in the liquid of each flavor. That said, the big challenge is figuring out how to take this beyond being simply a niche offering. Still, we like what we see and this brand feels like it has more than a fighting chance.