TK Hibiscus

by TK Hisbiscus

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Tea: Unsweetened, Tea: Herbal and Alternative


16oz Glass

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Review: Yellow Ginger Hibiscus Tea

(Last Updated: Nov 05, 2014 at 9:53 AM)
Following in the footsteps of their Classic Simple Hibiscus Tea, this flavor of TK Hibiscus is a very mild tasting USDA Organic herbal tea beverage. It’s lightly flavored with organic ginger and sweetened with a touch of organic agave. This both keeps the product low in calories and places the emphasis on the flavor of the hibiscus, which can quickly become overpowered. The ginger is more of a finishing flavor than something that’s on the front end. For something that has “YELLOW GINGER” as part of its name, there really isn’t much in the way of ginger flavor. If the company could dial it up just a bit more, we think that the product would be spot on. Otherwise, removing the word “YELLOW” might place a bit less emphasis on it. Visually, we really like TK's approach to the label design. It has a very polished and modern feel that, much like what’s inside the bottle, is minimalist. Tying it back to what we said about the ginger, perhaps it would look a bit cleaner if the name spanned only three lines instead of four. Otherwise, we think that this product is really easy to quickly read and understand. Overall, a well executed product that just needs a little bit of refinement.