Trader Joe's Cold Pressed Juice

by Trader Joes

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Juice: Cold Pressed or Raw


16 oz PET

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Review: Red

(Last Updated: Jun 20, 2014 at 11:15 AM)
As you can probably guess from the name and the color of the liquid, Red is a beet juice-based offering. It follows what appears to be a relatively standard-looking blend, with beets, cucumber, celery, apple, carrots, spinach and ginger rounding out the mix. Beets are certainly the first and most dominant flavor that you’ll taste, followed by celery, carrots and ginger. The rest of the ingredients seem to blend together into the background, which is fine by us. Still, as what appears to be an entry level or value product, we feel like this product should have a bit more apple flavor to it. This would definitely help make the flavor of the beets be less assertive than they currently are. All in all, this product tastes fine, but it’s definitely not memorable (aside from perhaps its $4.99 price tag). With its stark-looking package and type heavy design, one might say the same about the outside. However, we do appreciate that the product is very easy to understand, right down to the “Red” flavor name. Overall, we appreciate that a retailer like Trader Joe’s is getting behind cold-pressed juice and while the product isn’t necessarily a standout one, it is a nice start.