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Juice: Plant Water, Water: Sparkling


12oz can

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Review: Cranberry

(Last Updated: Nov 07, 2014 at 12:42 PM)
The Cranberry flavor of TreTrap blends carbonated maple tree water, sugar, cranberry juice, cranberry flavor, monk fruit and citric acid. From a flavor perspective, this variety lacks the light maple flavor that we enjoyed in the other variety. While it’s still a nice tasting product, this leaves it lacking one of its key differentiators. Instead, this formulation requires a slight leap of faith on the part of the consumer as they can’t experience the benefit of the maple water. If the company can adjust the flavor such that there’s some maple to it, that would be great. Packaging, which is a standard 12 oz. can, feels like something that’s more skewed towards value rather than premium. If that’s what they are going for, so be it, but it seems as though there might be a slightly bigger opportunity if they shift this a little higher end. Switching to a slim 12 oz. can and going with a more vibrant paint job would be one way to approach it. Aside from that, we do reiterate our feedback about the can design and having to pick it up to understand it. But we do really like the story of the product -- it feels like there’s something marketable here.