'tude juice

by Fresh Matter LLC

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Juice: Cold Pressed or Raw


12 oz

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Review: Raspberry + Lemon

(Last Updated: Jul 23, 2014 at 12:53 PM)
‘Tude’s Raspberry + Lemon is a blend of cold-pressed apples, raspberries, lemon juice and vitamin C that has been processed using HPP. The use of lemon again works very well for ‘tude, with the citrus doing a great job of helping to keep the apple flavor in check. As a result, the delicate flavor of the raspberries comes through, adding a nice tertiary flavor to what is already an enjoyable base. From our perspective of having tried all of their flavors, the light flavor of raspberries (as opposed to the more tart flavor of cranberry) is a much better showcase of HPP and tude’s cold-pressing of the juice. All in all, this is definitely one of our preferred flavors of the lineup. Like 'tude's other flavors, this product has a 12 oz. squat format bottle with a white label. Honestly, with ten flavors in this part of the lineup, it becomes a little difficult to quickly tell them apart. This could be helped by making the image of the apple a bit smaller and emphasizing the other fruits more than the company currently does. Otherwise, this is a polished and appealing looking product. Lastly, we think there’s a challenge when it comes to the positioning of the product. How do you sell apple juice, which is largely perceived as a product for children, to a broader audience? Figuring that out is ultimately what’s going to determine just how successful this or any of the other ‘tude flavors will be.