12 Noon to Midnight

by Twelve Beverage, LLC

Manufacturer's Brand Overview

12 Noon to Midnight (12NtM) is pioneering the gourmet beverage segment.

Our flavors were developed by two legendary American chefs using only the highest quality natural ingredients. 12NtM begins life with our secret blend of herbs and spices, it so secretive that we have the formula locked away in a safe... in the middle of a cornfield at an undisclosed location.

Overkill? Perhaps.

Completing the flavors requires two different blends of all natural fruit juices and just enough tea to tickle your palate. To finish everything off we put each flavor through a complex carbonation process ? take our word for it, keeping something in a liquid state at 10 degrees Fahrenheit is no small task. The end result, well that is for you to decide, we guarantee you have never tasted anything like it.