Vita Coco Sport

by Vita Coco (All Market, Inc.)

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Juice: Coconut Water and Juice, Sports Drinks: Sports Drink


18oz Plastic

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Review: Orange

(Last Updated: Aug 11, 2014 at 12:27 PM)
The Orange flavor of Vita Coco Sport tackles another stalwart of the sports drink category. And just like the brand's Lemon-Lime and Fruit Punch varieties, the flavor of this one is spot on. The base coconut water flavor is subtle, but refreshing, especially with the added sea salt. From there, you get the classic flavor of an orange sports drink. While the product doesn’t taste overtly like coconut water, it’s definitely there, but it’s most apparent at the drink’s finish. A touch of sea salt also helps round things out. Otherwise, the drink is definitely sweet tasting, although it has slightly less sugar than a same sized serving of Gatorade. Ultimately, it’s a very familiar tasting and enjoyable product to consume that, unlike Vita Coco’s flagship product line, doesn’t require the adoption of a new flavor. Nutritionally, an 8 oz. serving contains 50 calories, 10g of sugar and is rich in electrolytes. The product’s packaging, which is an 18 oz. contour bottle, has a polished and visually appealing design that makes good use of Vita Coco’s brand equity. While most brands that attempt to compete in the sports drink category have gone technical or serious, Vita Coco Sport’s label feels like something that’s a bit more approachable. Using illustrated text with a subtle “wave” graphic and a green backdrop, the product feels similar to the brand's flagship line but very clearly has its own identity. Overall, a very enjoyable product with sound execution.