The Flow: No Fake Red Bull to U.S.; Guayakí Honored


  • Guayakí CEO Chris Mann will be presenting as part of a special session, Investing in the World’s Forests, during the Clinton Global Initiative’s Sixth Annual Meeting. The company was selected for presentation for the way it addresses the challenges of economic empowerment. Link
  • The U.S. International Trade Commission has issued a general exclusion order that will not allow unofficial, "grey market" Red Bull

glacéau brings low calorie to the next level!

the pioneers of the enhanced-water beverage category have welcomed a new member to the family. vitaminwater zero – a naturally sweetened, great-tasting beverage option that (in case you don’t get the hint) has zero calories per serving! not to mention, it’s also packed with helpful vitamins and nutrients.

“vitaminwater zero complements the vitaminwater base brand very nicely,” said matt kahn, senior vice president of marketing …

glaceau announces new vitaminwater10 flavors

WHITESTONE, N.Y., Sept. 14 /PRNewswire/ — Phone calls, emails, Facebook messages. . .people can’t stop talking about the new vitaminwater10(TM), which launched in April of 2009. With only 10 calories per serving and natural sweeteners, people can’t get enough — in fact, they love it so much they’ve asked for more varieties. Today, glaceau is proud to announce the introduction of four new vitaminwater10(TM) varieties …

vitaminwater’s Newest Single – sync – Climbs the MySpace Music Charts


LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Like peanut butter and jelly, or rhythm and blues, some things are just meant to be together. MySpace Music, the world’s premier music community, and glacéau vitaminwater, the number one bottled water in the country, are partnering up for the exclusive launch of vitaminwater’s new variety – sync (berry-cherry). Beginning today and running through July 31st, MySpace Music and vitaminwater will be offering …

new very low calorie vitaminwater10 launches in secret new york des10ation


a10tion! glacéau, makers of vitaminwater and smartwater are launching the most perfect combination yet, vitaminwater10! with only10 calories per serving and packed with the vitamins and nutrients you need throughout the day, the new enhanced beverage is naturally sweetened and tastes amazing. vitaminwater10 will be available nationwide, april 2nd in four flavors: multi-v (lemonade), essential (orange-orange), xxx (acai-blueberry-pomegranate) and energy (tropical citrus).

to celebrate the …

glaceau officially introduces vitaminwater10


WHITESTONE, N.Y., April 2 /PRNewswire/ — today, vitaminwater10, a game-changer for calorie conscious consumers, officially makes its debut all over the country. finally, a beverage that doesn’t require tradeoffs between low calorie and great taste! vitaminwater10 is the perfect combination — it’s only 10 calories (per serving), naturally sweetened and (can you believe there’s a third!) it tastes amazing. it’s also packed with the vitamins …

Jennifer Aniston Discovers the Water With all the Answers


Whitestone, ny (June, 2007) – everyone knows about jennifer aniston’s healthy lifestyle. the all-american beauty has a passion for yoga, cooking organic meals and walking norman and dolly on the beach. not only does jennifer exercise and eat right, but she has also been drinking the biologically best water, smartwater®.
Whether it’s the electrolytes (to help rapidly hydrate her body) or the fact that …


ATLANTA and WHITESTONE, NY, May 25, 2007 – The Coca-Cola Company today announced that it has reached an agreement to acquire Energy Brands, Inc., known as glacéau, and its full range of fast-growing, enhanced water brands, including vitaminwater. The acquisition, for $4.1 billion in cash, provides The Coca-Cola Company with a strong platform to grow its active lifestyle beverages.

The transaction is expected to be …

Glaceau introduces vitaminenergy


whitestone, ny (april 17, 2007) – evolution is a good thing, right? just think, if you didn’t change, you’d still be rocking your calculator watch, wearing parachute pants, sporting your fifth grade mullet and using expressions like “gag me with a spoon.” evolution is a good (and necessary) thing for energy drinks, too. see, other energy drinks are full of artificial ingredients that not only …

vitaminwater Goes xxx


@@img1whitestone, ny (march 28, 2007) the ultimate in performance enhancement has hit the market. no, this has nothing to do with explicit adult content or anything ‘uncensored’. but, it does have a lot to do with antioxidants to help keep people healthy and fighting free radicals so they can last longer. glacéau, makers of vitaminwater®, fruitwater® and smartwater®, continues to bring science and nature together …

glacéau launches a new vitaminwater variety!


@@img1whitestone, ny (december 13, 2006)- glacéau®, makers of vitaminwater®, smartwater® and fruitwater®, announced the introduction of its latest variety: charge. charge is a nutrient enhanced lemon-lime vitaminwater with more key electrolytes than leading sports drinks plus b vitamins for the ultimate performance enhancement, all with no sodium.

americans on average are now taking in nearly 4,000 milligrams of sodium per day – almost twice the …

vitaminwater heads back to school this fall in kid-friendly size


@@img1whitestone, ny (september 2006) – with the nation’s childhood obesity epidemic at an all-time high, parents and school officials will be happy to know there is finally a “school approved” beverage that isn’t loaded with sugar (like juices), sodium (like sports drinks) or artificial sweeteners (like diet sodas and other diet drinks).

this fall, vitaminwater®, the “cool kid” of healthy beverages, will be heading back …

The Tata Group Acquires 30% Stake In Glaceau

MUMBAI, India and WHITESTONE, NY Aug. 23 – The Tata Group, India’s most respected business conglomerate, and Glaceau(R), the maker of vitaminwater(R), today announced that they have signed a definitive agreement whereby Tata will invest $677 million in Glaceau to purchase the stake previously held by TSG Consumer Partners and provide additional growth capital. As a result of this investment, Tata will own 30% of …

student “chefs” nationwide compete for chance to cook up college scholarship

whitestone, ny (april 4, 2006) – beginning today, high school students across the country will be chopping, dicing and sweating over a hot stove in an effort to take their education to the next level — courtesy of vitaminschool. this cooking competition is all part of a 12-city public service campaign aimed at educating high school students about how to get more of the nutrients …

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