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Review: Strawberry Paradise Smoothie

Posted: Jul 09, 2012 at 10:48 AM (Last Updated: Jul 26, 2012 at 10:57 AM)
Unlike your typical strawberry smoothie that uses a base of apples and bananas, Voila’s Strawberry Paradise Smoothie is made with pineapple juice concentrate, coconut milk extract, creamed coconut, whole strawberries and water. Right off the bat, using concentrates and extracts as the first ingredients undermines their use of whole strawberries, both in flavor and perceived value. Fortunately, the strawberry flavor still comes through, but we’d like more of it and less of the other stuff. That’s especially true at the drink’s finish, which has a slightly off note that appears to be from the coconut cream or coconut milk extract. In any event, this product is good, but it’s still far from the best strawberry smoothie we’ve ever had from a bottle. Another issue for this product is in its nutrition panel, which, at 260 calories, 3g of fat, and 54g of sugar per bottle, largely reads as being empty calories aside from having 2g of protein, 70 percent RDA vitamin C, and 4 percent RDA of iron per bottle. Again, this is a far cry from what many competing brands contain in terms of nutritional benefits. Packaging is a 16oz plastic smoothie bottle, which features a simple but clean label design. In this particular case, we actually prefer Voila’s approach to the competition, mainly because they’ve kept the front panel free from excessive text and kept the emphasis on the fruit images. Overall, good, wholesome appearance, but what’s inside the bottle needs improvement.