by World Waters, LLC

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Juice: Cold Pressed or Raw


12fl oz

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(Last Updated: Jul 28, 2015 at 5:01 PM)
The “LMN” variety of WTRMLN WTR is a blend of cold-pressed lemonade and the company's base of watermelon flesh and rind. Having only three ingredients makes for some very clean flavor, with what ultimately amounts to a watermelon lemonade flavor. The big thing that’s missing -- because it’s completely unnecessary -- is any added sugar. As a result, the product has under 100 calories per 12 oz. bottle, which is quite impressive. And while the flavor is ultimately not that far off from the brand's flagship variety, it is a nice change of pace that makes for a fun riff on a classic summertime lemonade. All in all, this is a very well-executed blend that we honestly might prefer over the original. On the outside, a huge image of a lemon slice takes the place of the pink watermelon that’s on the watermelon variety. It’s a very appetizing looking product and one that is also clearly obvious as part of the WTRMLN WTR brand. If there’s anything about this product that we’d change, it would be to simplify the front panel, which is somewhat text heavy. Plus, we’d probably remove the “World Waters” brand since it’s visually distracting and it’s not clear that this is the company or overly relevant to the purchase. Overall, a very nice addition to the lineup, and we’re glad to see WTRMLN WTR developing into a broader line.