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Manufacturer's Brand Overview

XES is the planet's first gender based mixer drink, liquid pleasure, sex in a can!

The brand new aphrodisiac mixer drink, XES, brought to you by Superstar Beverages, is the World's first gender based mixer drink, with different versions available for men and women. Each version of the drink has different ingredients, designed specifically for that gender. Created to boost energy levels on those flagging days, but equally fantastic on a night out as a mixer.

As well as the Pour Homme and Pour Femme drinks, we at XES will bring you a nation-wide lifestyle, fashion and music magazine each month. It's filled with everything from interviews with the big names and the up and comers, the latest threads and tunes, courtesy of our nation-wide team with their lugs on the ground and their feet on the blocks. All this for the princely sum of...ZERO! Ain't we sweet?


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