by Zevia, LLC

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Carbonated Soft Drink: Diet, Cocktails: Mixers


12 oz Can

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Review: Tonic Water 2014

Posted: Mar 02, 2015 at 4:57 PM (Last Updated: Aug 26, 2015 at 5:03 PM)
For a brand like Zevia, which, at this point, has a pretty well-rounded lineup of zero-calorie sodas, the question is definitely “what’s next?.” There are obviously plenty of flavors out there, but Zevia got all the traditional ones covered. So, with this product, Tonic Water, the company's gone in a slightly different direction, which should, at least in some outlets, help the brand gain placement in the mixer section as well. But how does the flavor of tonic water, which is known for being bitter, pair with stevia, which is also known for being bitter (and not in a good way)? It actually works out quite well and even better than we would have expected. There is definitely a heightened amount of bitterness to this product versus one that doesn’t use stevia, but it definitely doesn’t linger. That said, this product can definitely hold its own on the taste front. Packaging, however, is something that we’re not so sure about. Much like Zevia’s efforts in the soda space, this product does not come at you with the flashiest or most upscale packaging. Instead, it's, much like the rest of the Zevia brand, focused in on a clean, value-priced look that is all about zero-calorie. All of that being said, it’s hard to really guess how well this product does moving into a category that doesn’t exactly have the same volume as diet soda. However, it certainly seems like something that is, if nothing else, good for the brand in terms of its presence and breadth in the store. Overall, this is a nicely executed line extension that both brings Zevia into a new category and brings those consumers a new zero-calorie offering.