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Last Updated: 3/8/2010 4:57 PM

With ZICO’s move to a new bottle comes new flavors – and Lima Citron is the first of the two that we sampled. Like the other ZICO flavors that are now available in PET, this variety uses 100 percent coconut water from concentrate, which has been aided with lime and citrus flavoring. The resulting product is lightly sweet (13g of sugar per bottle) and has a mellow coconut water flavor, while the added lime and citrus flavors add a tart and sour note. While each of these flavors would likely be okay by itself, their marriage creates something that doesn’t go perfectly together. Mainly, this is because the citrus flavor is too sharp relative to the smooth and earthy coconut water base. Otherwise, we conceptually like what they’re trying to do with this product, blending in a very popular sports drink flavor to help create a product that’s more marketable than the competition's. We’d say the same for the packaging, which, in a 14 oz. PET, offers something that’s a stark contrast to Tetra Pak that the brand has used in the past. It has a sporty yet chic vibe to it, thanks to the cleanly executed ZICO branding and easy to read front panel. Plus, they’ve made a good effort (on the side panel) of explaining the functional benefits in a way that your average consumer can understand them. Overall, the product is conceptually a step in the right direction and the visual execution is there, but we’d like to see some adjustment to the lime and citrus flavors used in the product.


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14 oz PET

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