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Last Updated: 8/19/2013 1:10 PM

Zola’s Coconut Water with Espresso is a blend of coconut water, coffee and milk that is packaged in a 17.5 oz. steel can. Produced in Thailand -- like Zola’s other coconut water products -- this variety has 125 mg of caffeine (the approximate equivalent to a 2 oz. espresso shot) in each can. Both the caffeine content and the coffee flavor seem a bit more restrained than other coconut water and coffee blends that we’ve sampled, which definitely makes for a nice point of differentiation in that this product is still, first and foremost, a coconut water. That said, you can definitely taste the coconut water that’s at the base of this product, which imparts the familiar sweet and salty flavor that this ingredient is known for. Zola has done a nice job of balancing the two flavors, with the product still having plenty of coffee flavor. It tastes bold, but isn’t overwhelming, and the company somehow managed to give the product have a nice note of coffee at the finish. All in all, it's a very nicely formulated product. On the outside, the tall 17.5 oz. can has plenty of real estate to work with, and we think that Zola has designed something that feels like an appropriate extension of the brand. It’s easily identifiable as both a coconut water and coffee, which is certainly a nice start. However, as with most products that are in this sized can, the tall shape of the package and the small Zola logo that leaves us wanting a stronger presence for the Zola brand. Nevertheless, we really like the concept and execution of this product -- it’s definitely a nice addition to the lineup.


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