Zola Coconut Water

by Zola

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Juice: Coconut Water and Juice, Juice: Lemonade


1L TetraPak

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Review: Lemonade Coconut Water

(Last Updated: Jun 30, 2014 at 9:44 AM)
Zola’s riff on a lemonade/coconut water product comes in the form of this product, a one liter Tetra Pak carton that is labeled as being 100 percent juice. The ingredients are, like the rest of Zola’s Tetra line, from concentrate, but that definitely doesn’t impede the company's ability to craft a great tasting and thirst-quenching product. The blend of lemonade and coconut water is one that goes together quite well, with the tartness of the lemon juice being an almost perfect complement. Zola has also added cane sugar (as many from concentrate products do), but the product is definitely not overly sweet. All in all, the product is something that tastes a tiny bit more like lemonade than coconut water. That said, it is an enjoyable product that feels like it has mainstream potential, even for those who don’t currently consume coconut water. On the branding front, Zola's choice of yellow, which is not a color often used by coconut water brands, should stand out from the sea of blue products in the category. Grabbing eyeballs and then pulling in consumers with the familiar images of lemons seems like a good approach. However, if “Lemonade” could be slightly more integrated with “Coconut Water,” it might be even easier to understand. Overall, we like Lemonade Coconut Water as an addition to the Zola lineup. It’s both well-executed and has the potential to further expand the brand into the mainstream.