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16oz Plastic

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Review: Cucumber Mint

Posted: Feb 12, 2014 at 10:10 AM (Last Updated: Jul 08, 2014 at 9:56 AM)
Zotiko’s Cucumber Mint was the most successful formulation of the three that we tasted. Not that there’s anything wrong with the others (the Citrus Ginger is pretty tasty as well), but this one is the most unique and memorable, while also being enjoyable. The product, which is fortified with electrolytes, is lightly flavored with accurate tasting cucumber and mint flavorings. It’s sweetened with a touch of sugar and stevia, which gives the product a decent amount of sweetness but keeps the calories and sugar low (10 calories and 3g of sugar, per bottle). The product also has a touch of sea salt, which gives it a flavor that ends up being a cousin (albeit a distant one) of a sports drink. All in all, we like what's inside this bottle. It’s low-calorie, refreshing, and doesn’t suffer from the stevia. The outside of the bottle, on the other hand, is a completely different story. We’re really not fond of the design at all. It probably looked nice in mockups, but just doesn’t work when executed. For starters, the logo is very difficult to read, both because of the typeface that was chosen and because the white lettering is on a clear background with lines going through it. This certainly needs to be addressed if this product is to have a chance. Beyond that, there should be a front panel mention of the beverage being low-calorie. And finally, the manufacturer needs to make this product more intuitive. It’s just not that clear what the beverage is. Overall, we enjoyed the flavor, but it’s really hard to get past the packaging.