Zulu Nectar

by Stones Throw Enterprises

This brand is no longer available

Manufacturer's Brand Overview

Zulu Nectar's first product: Awimoweh is a Certified Organic (UDSA) Rooibos based RTD beverage in 16oz. glass. It boasts, tested antioxidant levels equivilent to 25 servings of fruit & Vegetables... 5X the 5-a-day recommended intake by the National Institute on Aging, in one bottle. Developed to "fortiry the warrior within" Awimoweh is caffeine-free and not sweet, with only 4 grams of sugar in an 8 oz. serving... Refreshing and uncommon with a hint of Blackberry and presented as a tribute to Solomon Linda, the South African Zulu who recorded "Mbube" in 1939 which we now recognize as "The Lion Sleeps Tonight."


866-622-ZULU (9858)