Hecho Tequila Soda Launches Across North America

Bodega Brands (“Bodega or the “Company”), an innovative beverage brand house has formally launched its premium ready to drink, “Hecho Tequila Soda” beverage in both Canada and the United States.

The product will be rolling out initially in stores across Alberta, British Columbia, California, Arizona, Florida, and Texas with plans to enter more markets in early 2021.

“We are very excited to launch Hecho in two countries as we feel the appetite for ready to drink alcoholic beverages has gained interest on a mass scale, and the market is overdue for an authentic tequila soda brand”, said Zack Lister, Founder and CEO of Bodega.  “In addition, we feel that our product will stand out from the rest, being that we use premium Tequila Blanco 100%  agave and we have worked very closely with regulators in Mexico to ensure we are meeting all of the compliance and regulatory measures when it comes to exporting a product containing 100% tequila.”

The product has only three ingredients: Tequila Blanco 100% agave, carbonated water and natural lime flavor.  At only 96 calories per can, the refreshing drink is gluten free and does not contain any sweeteners, carbohydrates or preservatives.

“Tequila is among the fastest growing spirit categories and with RTDs experiencing record growth, naturally we are seeing a number of companies entering the space”, says Lister.  “However, many are using a lower quality tequila or agave spirit to cut costs and bring manufacturing out of Mexico.  Our goal is to really drive home the premium aspect and bring awareness to consumers who are looking for ‘better for you’ drinking options.”

Excitement for the brand has attracted a number of strategic investors from the sports and entertainment industries. “We have a great management team and the support of some amazing shareholders.  We are all very excited to continue to grow and gain exposure for the Hecho brand on a global scale” said Lister.

About Bodega Brands Inc.

Bodega was founded in 2019 as a house of brands focused on developing innovative beverages and bringing them to market. The company also produces a brand called “Arte”, which is a line of cold pressed citrus juices designed for the hospitality industry.

For more information and information about sales and distribution opportunities, please contact: amigos@siphecho.com

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