New Fashioned Debuts Bartender-Made, Powdered Cocktail Blends Inspired By Classic Recipes

New SoCal-based powders and spirits company New Fashioned is thrilled to announce the debut of its new-to-market Dry Cocktails, now available direct-to-consumer nationwide. Using real fruits and spices, the one-of-a-kind powdered blends are inspired by classic cocktail recipes and come in convenient, single-serve packets meant to pair with a standard pour of alcohol (50ml). With no refrigeration required, New Fashioned’s Dry Cocktails provide a seamless, consistent, and high-quality drinking experience no matter where you are.

Founder & bar industry veteran Mikki Kristola was inspired to create a new, accessible style to enjoy better drinks anywhere after her tenure mixing libations for some of L.A.’s most notable hotspots. On one pivotal bar scouting trip, her focus changed from her observations all around her: there was a syrup laden, pre-batched Old Fashioned on her flight. At the hotel, a minibar full of lonely mini bottles. At the nearest bar, a sad and dusty bottle of Sweet & Sour mix for margaritas. A solution dawned on her: the Dry Cocktail. (Dry as in no alcohol, and dry as in powder.) With the addition of alcohol and ice, it becomes your personalized craft cocktail.

“We get asked a lot if Dry Cocktails are mixers. Nope! Mixers are cumbersome, perishable and full of artificial ingredients. Have you ever looked at the ingredients at your big brand margarita mixer? High fructose corn syrup, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, gum acacia, polysorbates, Yellow #5… yikes,” says Kristola, who spent years developing her formulas with the actual ingredients you would need to make a craft cocktail. “You can drink our Dry Cocktails with just water; they taste great, because we just use real fruits, real spices, and real everything. And you get to pick your own spirit.”

Each of New Fashioned’s powdered Dry Cocktails are crafted with real fruits and spices, and contain the perfect portion meant for one standard pour of alcohol (50ml). There is no need to run to the store for more limes, gather bar equipment, make simple syrup, or weigh and measure out ingredients; New Fashioned takes all the guesswork out of preparation and creates your perfect cocktail, wherever you are. Vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, and made with all-natural ingredients, offerings include:

  • Old Fashioned Dry Cocktail: Includes New Fashioned’s house-made bitters, with gentle notes of dried dark cherry, orange peel, and warm spices. ($25 per box; each box contains 7 packets.)
  • Margarita Dry Cocktail: Made with fresh ingredients like blood orange & grapefruit, this perfectly pink-hued margarita is easy to serve on the rocks or frozen. ($25 per box; each box contains 7 packets.)

New Fashioned’s Dry Cocktails are now available direct-to-consumer nationwide at, coming in boxes of seven packets. Exceptional cocktails are ready in just five easy steps: 1) tear open a packet; 2) pour contents into a glass; 3) add your choice spirit; 4) stir to dissolve; and 5) ice & enjoy. For more information, recipes, and pairing suggestions for each flavor, visit or follow along at @thedrycocktail.

About Mikki Kristola, Founder & Creator

New Fashioned was founded by bar industry veteran Mikki Kristola. She has mixed libations for some of Los Angeles’ most notable hotspots, including The Varnish (which has long been credited with shaping the city’s craft cocktail scene) and The Streamliner (which was dubbed one of Esquire’s “Best Bars in America” during her tenure). Her cocktail recipes have been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Drew Lazor’s Session Cocktails (Ten Speed Press, 2018).

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