SelvaRey Rum and Bruno Mars Introduce New Packaging, Branding and Global Campaign

LOS ANGELES, CA – After quietly garnering awards and critical acclaim, boutique rum SelvaRey has revealed new packaging, branding and a global campaign. Behind the scenes, musician Bruno Mars has been guiding the process for years, redesigning every aspect of the brand. With the new package now rolling out in high-end retailers, restaurants, and resorts across the U.S. and Asia, Bruno and SelvaRey plan to deliver Tropical Luxury, Wherever You Are.

“I tried the rum years ago and loved it. It tasted like tropical luxury, like I was on vacation,” said Mars. “So we started working together, bouncing ideas about how we could show people how this drink makes you feel. Took some years and a lot of piña coladas but, dare I say, we did it.”

Distilled in the jungles of Latin America by a legendary master blender, SelvaRey (which loosely translates to “King of the Jungle”) quickly won favor with the most discerning spirit enthusiasts, landing in Michelin-starred restaurants and catching the attention of the multifaceted Mars. Bruno was instantly inspired by the quality and flavor of the rums. He connected with SelvaRey’s founders and after developing a close relationship, he offered to complement their amazing liquid with his creative vision.

“I don’t think there’s anyone else in the world who could have nailed this all so perfectly the way he did,” added co-founder Seth Gold. “We set out to push the boundaries of the rum category. And Bruno’s taken it to the next level, creating a full-blown world of tropical luxury.”

Fine enough to sip on the rocks or enhance any cocktail, SelvaRey has been awarded 94 and 95 points from The Tasting Panel magazine for its core expressions, White and Chocolate, respectively, and garnered countless other industry accolades. With additional new expressions slated to roll out in the coming months, along with ad campaigns spanning the globe, Bruno and SelvaRey expect to make 2021 a breakthrough year for rum worldwide.

The Core Range

SelvaRey White Rum (SRP $29.99) – 40% ABV

SelvaRey White is a delicate combination of rums aged in bourbon barrels. A three- year-old-rum brings the vibrancy and youth of fresh-cut sugarcane, which is rounded out with notes of caramel and butterscotch from a five-year-old rum. This blend is lightly charcoal-filtered to remove the color, leaving elegance in its place. The taste is smooth and mellow, beautifully matching flavors of citrus, pineapple and toasty crème brûlée.

SelvaRey Chocolate Rum (SRP $34.99) – 35% ABV

SelvaRey Chocolate is a full bodied, five-year-old rum with inherent richness, enhanced by the infusion of natural chocolate. The velvety aged blend creates a sophisticated spirit, perfect for sipping on the rocks or mixing into any coffee cocktail. It tastes of chocolate-covered espresso beans, with sweet toffee notes, rounded off by a touch of baking spice.

SelvaRey Owner’s Reserve Rum (SRP $149.99) – 40% ABV

Owner Bruno Mars envisioned a sipping rum that would be the pinnacle of Tropical Luxury. SelvaRey’s legendary Maestro Ronero, Francisco “Don Pancho” Fernandez had been aging rum for decades and relished the idea of creating the ultimate vacation in a glass. He hand-selected his finest vintages to create this incredible blend.

With rums aged between fifteen and twenty-five years, SelvaRey Owner’s Reserve has profound weight yet striking elegance. It is the culmination of a lifetime of rum craftsmanship. The precious liquid inspired Bruno Mars to design its deep green bottle and vibrant package, reminiscent of the lush jungle where the rum was born.

About SelvaRey

Originally launched in 2014, SelvaRey set out to change people’s perception of what rum could be. Today the brand is co-owned and operated by Seth Gold, Marc Gold, Robert Herzig and Bruno Mars. Distilled in the jungles of Panama by the world renowned master blender Don “Pancho” Francisco Fernandez, each variant offers a unique taste while boasting a luxuriously smooth and distinctively balanced character. From harvesting the sugarcane and pressing the juice to the distillation and blending, the rum is produced on a single estate.

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