Coconut Cartel: Coconut Cartel

by Coconut Cartel, LLC.

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Juice: Coconut Water and Juice, Juice: Cold Pressed or Raw



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Review: Coconut Cartel

(Last Updated: Sep 17, 2014 at 1:56 PM)
Of all the coconut waters that we’ve ever sampled, Coconut Cartel is in a whole other league when it comes to being unique. The product, which is simply a Malayan Dwarf coconut harvested in El Salvador, definitely has an eye-catching look (just try walking around with a coconut in your hand) and, aside from laser etching of the company’s logo, is unadulterated in the most literal sense. The company has conveniently marked (with a red dot) the spot to open it, which makes the process of punching a hole in it relatively painless. As for the taste, it’s different than what that of Asian and Brazilian coconuts, but for most consumers, it’s probably pretty nuanced. We’d describe the flavor as having an almost “toasted” flavor, with the standard salty and sweet notes that you’ll find in any good coconut water. Still, there’s something about this product that tastes higher quality than most other coconut waters out there. If nothing else, the combination of smooth and full-bodied flavor paired with the uniqueness of the package are way more appealing than any man-made container out there. Overall, we have no idea how commercially viable this is outside of high-end outlets and on premise, but its hard to argue with the quality and uniqueness of what the company has created. It’s one of those products that you definitely have to try if you are into coconut water.