Califormulations: The Next Big Wave in Beverage Development

Califormulations, the next big wave in beverage development, brings global flavor and formulations expertise to entrepreneurs.

Beverage entrepreneurs with creative ideas for new product concepts are often looking for help with everything from flavor to formulation development, labeling, stability testing, consumer insights, scale-up, ingredient sourcing and co-packing. In the past, they have traditionally had difficulty accessing the vast resources and expertise of the global leaders in the flavor industry because of restrictions on minimum flavor volumes or in some cases, a general lack of interest in working with start-ups. Fortunately for these creative innovators, that’s no longer the case. With the launch of Symrise Califormulations, beverage entrepreneurs can now take advantage of the skills and know-how of the global beverage flavor team at Symrise, one of the largest and most successful flavor companies in the world.

Symrise Califormulations gives beverage entrepreneurs a single-source partner with the expertise required to help them bring their ideas to life. It’s a unique suite of services that bundles together the core needs of start-up beverage innovators – a winning collection of outstanding beverage flavors, rapid prototyping, full beverage formulation development and more – and offers them to innovators at a single, fixed price that is paid for in flavor sales. Califormulations provides entrepreneurs with access to technologies, purchasing scale and resources not normally available to new and emerging brands…resources that have helped launch some of the most successful brands across all four corners of the world.

Based out of Symrise’s Laguna Beach, California beverage development center, Califormulations features cutting-edge beverage laboratories that specialize in rapid prototyping of beverage products. The facility, staffed by a team of dedicated beverage technologists, focuses on hydration and functional beverages and utilizes important processing capabilities such as hot fill, cold fill, carbonation, homogenization and more. Califormulations technologists work with Symrise’s extensive portfolio of beverage flavors and technologies, which are the cornerstone of the company’s ability to turn small-scale concepts into large-scale market leaders.

Califormulations was carefully designed with the needs of the entrepreneur in mind. While some early-stage beverage concepts are well defined in terms of customer targets, usage occasions and positioning, many are theoretical and haven’t even reached the prototype stage. And for those that have, the prototype is often something made on a small scale – perhaps even in the innovator’s home kitchen – and therefore not suited for scale-up or commercialization. In the comprehensive innovation platform that Califormulations offers, Symrise is able to offer entrepreneurs everything they need – from flavors, formulations, applications, regulatory support, labelling and nutritional data all the way to connections with co-packers and assistance with sourcing of commodity ingredients. It is, quite literally, a ‘bench to bottle’ offering.

In addition to technical and operation assistance, Califormulations customers also have access to Symrise’s extensive library of consumer insights and taste preferences. This knowledge, which has been acquired and analyzed by both Symrise’s internal marketing team and their network of professional research partners, provides valuable information into the taste preferences and buying habits of consumers across a wide range of market demographics.

California Facilities, Global Resources

The location of the primary Symrise Califormulations facility is in itself one of the tangible benefits of the offering. The eclectic and artistic atmosphere of downtown Laguna Beach typifies the spirit of the Califormulations concept. It’s an environment rich in creativity and alive with energy, offering inspiration to both the Califormulations team and their customers. But there’s more to Califormulations than California. Today’s world of globalized markets requires globalized thinking, even for regional start-up brands. Consumers across the world must be taken into consideration as a growth platform for the future, especially for start-ups that are supported by venture capital and private equity. As a multinational leader in flavors, globalization is in Symrise’s DNA. The company has 79 sites worldwide, with beverage flavor development centers in the US, Europe, Asia and South America. Symrise understands the requirements of regional markets and has the experience and knowledge to support beverage brands in any country.

Through its proven track record of success within the mainstream beverage categories, its portfolio of superlative flavors, cutting edge technologies and applications support, as well as its legacy of expertise in sensory and consumer insights, Symrise is uniquely capable of bringing a revolutionary beverage prototyping concept like Califormulations to market.

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