Cascara – Clean. Soluble. Sustainable.

Coffeeberry® Cascara delivers clean, soluble nutrition to today’s unique functional beverages

Cascara has been a traditional drink for coffee-producing countries for centuries, but has made its way overseas in a big way, delivering a unique flavor to all kinds of beverages.

Cascara, which means “husk” in Spanish, is the dried skin of the coffee cherry. After removing the coffee beans from the cherries, these skins were traditionally discarded or used as compost. All of that changed when FutureCeuticals began to preserve Cascara, and the unique nutrition found outside of the bean, delivering a clean, safe, and highly-desired ingredient to the world.

With over 160 years of agricultural expertise, FutureCeuticals understands that food quality begins at the roots. We have collaborated with global coffee growers who also possess generations of agricultural experience. We are proud to deliver an organic, eco-friendly Cascara supply chain centered on an overarching commitment to the health of both our planet and populations around the globe.


As the undisputed pioneer in coffee fruit nutrition, FutureCeuticals’ 15+ years of research on coffee fruit documents the superior nutritional profile of the coffee cherry when compared to other leading superfruits. For example, whole coffee fruit (Cascara + the bean) has 50% dietary fiber, 10% protein, 6% polyphenols…and is 4x lower in sugar than blueberries! FutureCeuticals takes the Cascara discussion beyond flavor and focuses on not only its nutritional value, but also what it can do to differentiate your product in the market.




By using coffee fruit as a source material, FutureCeuticals has developed an entire line of innovative functional, health-driven products ranging from organic soluble Cascara powders to patented high-phenolic coffee fruit extracts.

For a full list of organic and conventional options, visit FutureCeuticals’ website or email You can also find FutureCeuticals at the SupplySide West Expo Hall, booth GG121, September 27-28, 2017.

Coffeeberry® Cascara – Clean. Soluble. Sustainable.